Find Out About Common Cat Ailments

Common Cat Ailments and How You Can Avoid Them

Cats can have a variety of health problems as they mature.  Here are some common cat ailments and ways to avoid them.


Cat ailments

Cats have this innate ability to self-groom.  Observe any cat, from feline to lion, and you will notice immediately after eating they lick their paws. They gently “wash” their face.  They groom themselves continuously, and because they do, they swallow the hair that accumulates on their paws.  As a result, fur balls are swallowed, and this leads to vomiting.  To avoid this from occurring, brushing the cat’s coat frequently is recommended and keeping the cat hydrated.


Hydration also plays a vital role in bladder infections, which is another condition cats can develop. It is a common cat ailment and should be taken care of. It is also advised to limit the food intake by not keeping a plate of food available but choosing the time they are fed.

Kidney Problems

Another cat ailment or condition that can affect a cat is kidney problems.  Usually attributed to older cats in cases wherein the kidney begins to malfunction, renal failure can result.  If you notice your cat is drinking excessive water than usual, it may be due to weight loss and vomiting.  While this may be relatively common, you can prevent the onset of kidney failure by reducing the amount of protein and salt in your diet.


One of the common cat ailments in cats is ear problems.  This is caused by mites that can reside in the ear canal.  If you notice your cat’s ears are seeping a brownish discharge and scratching their ears repeatedly, they may exhibit symptoms of this condition.  You may prevent this condition by keeping your cat indoors as these mites come from contact with other cats.


At times you may notice your cat having a problem urinating, or the urine contains blood or mucus. This may be a sign that your cat has cystitis.  It is not a major cat ailment. Experts suggest that a one day fast will dissipate the condition.


While dogs can suffer from worm infestation, so can cats.  They can develop tapeworms from eating rodents, for example.  Tapeworms can be passed from cat to cat through the feces.  Thus, it is crucial to check their stool to look for signs they are infected with these parasites.  Visit a vet to determine a course of treatment.


Just as humans develop allergies, other common cat ailments can have allergies. Cats also suffer from this condition as well.  Fleas can cause a myriad of problems, such as skin infections, tapeworms, and anemia.   The best course of action to prevent cats from obtaining fleas is to consult your vet to ascertain what type of flea deterrent is best suited for them.

Unusual Behavior

As with any pet, noticing any diversion from their routine may signal there is a problem.  Keeping a watchful eye on your cat’s behaviour and habits can alert you when something doesn’t seem quite right.  If your cat exhibits any sign that he or she is having a problem, it’s time to intercede.

Other common cat ailments -Health Issues

What signs should you look for?  Suppose you notice vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, inability to urinate, sluggishness, scratching of the ears, eating problems, a drastic change in behaviour, and the development of any lumps or sores under its coat. In that case, it’s time to visit the vet.

You are the one who knows more about your pet, and keeping abreast of your cat’s activities will allow for immediate treatment before the condition becomes severe.

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