How to make traveling with a pet enjoyable in 2021?

You have a pet, and there may be times when you have to take a trip. All pets, including dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and other exotic breeds, must be kept safe to avoid harm or injury, especially when traveling by car, air, or ship.

Carrying your pets in a car.

How to make traveling with a pet enjoyable

Most dogs love to ride in cars.  On any given day, while on the road, you may notice dog ears flapping in the wind. They love it!  Traveling with your pet does take a certain amount of preparation, however.  Here are tips on how to make traveling with your pet enjoyable. It will also help your pet enjoy the trip.

  • Taking long trips for your pet may not be exciting. It is recommended to take your pet on short trips first. Pets will get used to such trips and may enjoy the long trips.
  • Obtain a harness, which can be attached to the seat belt. Allowing a pet to ride in a car without restraint of some kind may cause accidents.
  • Keep the pet in the back seat; never in the front where he can cause a distraction unless he is fully trained.
  • Ensure the collar is sturdy and has the proper ID tags, as well as your home address on it in case the pet gets away from you.
  • Pack the following items the night before the trip: water, food, bowls, bedding for the car, toys, pet treats, plenty of plastic bags, and a first aid kit.
  • Stop frequently to feed, water, and allow the pet to exercise and take all-important “bathroom” breaks. Always keep the pet on a leash.
  • Try not to travel on days when it is scorching. If it is mildly warm, use the AC, but always check to ensure the pet is comfortable.
  • Please don’t leave your car window fully drawn down, instead leave it only a bit lower for his comfort and pleasure.
  • If you happen to stop for a snack, never leave a pet inside the car. He can become dehydrated, especially in warm and hot weather.  Either take the pet with you or have someone watch the pet for you.
  • If you have a puppy or kitten, a small kennel is recommended for car travel. Cats must always remain in their carrier, and they are well behaved in most cases.

Pet carriers

Airlines and transport companies will require select pet carriers to transport your pet. Pet carriers are different for dogs, cats, and reptiles. Always check with your vet, who will provide proper guidance, including a health check to ensure your pet is fit to travel.

Out of state and overseas trips require you to follow the requirements and carrying proper paperwork such as his health papers validated by the pet’s vet. If the travel is by air, there are specific airline rules that you have to follow. These days the rules are stringent, and you may expect your pet to travel in a specific pet carrier in the pressurized cabin.

Taking a pet on a long airline flight is a bit more involved today than it used to be.  With safety regulations and long waits on the tarmac, owners must consider the risks associated with airline travel.

Pets, like some human, find flying on a plane a nervous and strenuous experience. They become timid, nervous, and may feel out of sorts. Sedating the pet is not an option, and it will take lots of persuasions, and communicating in your pet’s language may ally his fears. Needless to say, they may be disoriented for some time after the trip, exercise utmost patience and understanding in dealing with such a situation.

My pets used to stay at pet boarding if we left on an extended trip. The cost of pet boarding is worth your while as your pet will enjoy a new environment and get to meet other canine pals. In some cases, friends and acquaintances can accept to board your pet while you are gone. You have to weigh in all your options and ensure your pet is comfortable in a new environment.


It is an exercise you have to complete and have a checklist that will ensure that both you and your pet have a memorable and safe trip, irrespective of the time and length of the journey you may undertake.

I am sure you will also be interested in checking out some of the programs that will help you care and manage your pet. Read to learn more about training.

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