How To Know If Your Family Is Ready for a Pet?

How To Know If  Your Family is Ready for a Pet?

There are many considerations one has to make before choosing a pet for the family. At the same time, all pets require attention. Some demand more than others.  Besides, there is the cost factor, and the determination of whether having small children in the home is conducive to owning a pet.  Before making a decision, you have to ask: Is our family ready for a pet? Let’s see what is at stake?

A relatable story-Ready for a pet

Here is a typical scenario: It’s a beautiful spring day, and you decide to take your small children into town.  While there, you happen to pass a pet shop.  The kids become quite excited at the puppies and kittens on display.  Your kids press their noses up against the window and begin choosing which puppy or kitten they want to bring home. “Please, mommy, please, can we get one,” they cry.  What to do!  You tell them you will have to discuss it with daddy first.  Secretly, you had an eye on one puppy that you would love to take home.  Sound familiar? Looks you are ready for a pet.

Here is the tricky part of deciding whether or not your family is ready for a pet.  So the discussion begins.

These questions can be applied to a puppy or kitten.

  • Can we afford to raise a pet?
  • Will the children, as much as they want one, be able to co-exist with a pet?
  • Do we have enough space?
  • Who will take care of, feed, and train the pet?
  • We will need to find a vet.
  • The children need all our attention; do we have the time to address the pet’s many needs?
  • Do we want a specific breed?
  • Will the pet be gentle with the children?
  • What do we do with the pet when we go on vacation?

These are questions moms and dads have to ask and honestly answer.  If all of the answers are met with satisfaction and commitment, choosing where to acquire the pet is next.

Where to get your pet from?

Some pet owners prefer acquiring a kitten or puppy from a breeder. Others may decide that a shelter is more suitable.  However, keep in mind that both kittens and puppies are the first to be adopted, and often it may take a while before you find a suitable pet in a shelter.


It should be noted that some pet stores carry puppies that are purchased from puppy mills.  If possible, select a pup from another source as most of these puppies have health problems that unscrupulous pet shop owners will never reveal to you.


If you decide on another type of pet for your family, there are other essential factors which you should consider.  Some pets may carry diseases.  The following group of pets should not be considered when there are small children in the home: turtles, reptiles, ferrets, or exotic animals of any type.  Before deciding on any pet, ensure that no one in your family is allergic to animals in general or cats in particular. Studies have shown that most people tend to be allergic to cats than any other animal.

Once you have decided upon a particular pet, whether it’s a puppy, kitten, or another pet animal suitable for young children; even before the animal comes home for the first time, parents need to sit down with the children and talk to them about responsibility and care of the new pet.


Some kids are funny when it comes to new pets.  For the first few months, they pamper the pet, play with the pet, and thoroughly enjoy the latest addition to the family.  Inevitably, however, as children grow, they become bored with the pet, and the responsibility of taking care of it falls in the parents’ lap.

Owning a pet is a permanent commitment that an entire family has to agree upon.  Pets offer so much unconditional love. In return, pets want is care, fed, walked, hugged, and loved.  They can be of immense joy and happiness to a family, which is why deciding if your family is ready for a pet requires thoughtful consideration, research, and an open dialogue among all family members.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and will share it with your children when it comes to getting a pet in your home. They need lots of love, care, and affection, and they, in return, will give you complete and unconditional love. Take it from me. It is a fact.

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