5 Kid-Friendly Pets for Children and Your Family.

Kid-friendly pets for your children and family.

Have your kids been asking you to get them a pet?  If so, here are 5 kid-friendly pets suitable for children and offer immense enjoyment to the entire family. 5 kid-friendly pets are Dogs, Cats, Fish, Rodents, Birds- Parrots, or Parakeets.

Although fish are easy to maintain, a pet such as dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs will frequently be handled by kids.  Teaching them the proper way and adequate training to interact with these pets provides a fun and allows kids to learn about different breeds, species, and characteristics, which can encourage them to learn more about other pet animals.

Pet Dogs

One of the most lovable of all breeds is the Beagle.  They love children, are very social, loyal, intelligent, offer unconditional love, and provide hours of enjoyment.  They range in height from 13-16 inches and are just wonderful watchdogs.

Kid friendly pets

Some pet dogs, massive breeds and are outdoor dogs. They also love indoor and family environment. Care and maintenance should be affordable.  However, ensure these pets are acquired through a genuine breeder. You have to be aware of puppy mills and not recommended as a house pet. If you are getting a puppy of any breed, check its lineage and proper pedigree documentation.


Many decide or opt to adopt from a shelter or buy a cat from a breeder. If you prefer a kitten as a pet in your family, keep in mind that they will need some adjustments, although they are very playful and energetic. 

kid friendly pets

Some pet lovers may opt for an adult cat, and it will be a good idea to ascertain the origin and where it came from into the shelter. You need to understand its character, overall health, and how it interacts with kids. Most cats become a friendly pet and are adored by kids, thus building a solid bond.

Before adopting a cat, a word of caution ensures that the kids are not allergic to cat dander. Dander is a kind of dust material shed from the body of animals that have furs, long hair, or feathers. 


kid friendly pets

Fish are also affordable kid-friendly pets.  They are easy to maintain. There are a variety of species you can choose from. You will require a proper fish tank with a suitable filtration system. You have to do regular cleaning and maintenance and can be time-consuming. They are beautiful to look at, and you can watch them for hours to do away with loneliness and boredom. Most seniors and adults love their aquarium and its occupants in the water. They often act as a de-stressor and has a calming effect.

Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils

These rodent family members are inexpensive to purchase, but the incidentals such as cages, food, and toys may be expensive.  They provide hours of fun for kids and require low maintenance. Their cages need regular cleaning. Most kids get a strong attachment with these pets and often feel sad when they lose them because they have a short lifespan.

Gerbils have large incisors and tend to bite. It is recommended you provide them with baby carrots or other vegetables. They love to chew and will chew on just any item around.

Birds- Parakeets/Parrots                                                      

There are a wide variety of parakeet and parrot species that may be suitable for kids.  Parrots can provide hours of enjoyment since most of them are very intelligent and can be taught words or phrases by the kids.

kid friendly pets

However, you have to be careful of its origin, and there are restrictions in acquiring them. Trying and acquiring a young parrot from a breeder may be suitable since the bird can be trained quickly. Irrespective of your choice for a parrot or parakeet, ensure they are healthy. Check for any peculiarities that may signal a problem and have been appropriately cared for by the breeder.

Buying a parrot can be costly; a steel cage and numerous toys would be needed to prevent boredom parrots.  Adequate food, water, and bath dishes are required in their cages. 


The topics chosen in this article may refer to a particular type of pet, and the guidelines to follow are the same when you get a pet for your kids or the family. There are other pets, many children, and family love. However, I will write on them on another blog for all of you. You and your kids must understand the responsibility and care of pets. Some kids often get too rough with their pets, which may often result in an unwelcome bite. It will be a good idea to get more information on puppy training.

There are definitely some initial and ongoing expenses such as their food and toys.

I hope this article is helpful and will be a great source in selecting the right pets for your children in particular and family in general. You may read about another blog on naming pets.

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